Wednesday Challenge Meets Friday Fun Facts.

Writing Challenge:   Write something that includes a dragon…either a ‘real’ dragon, set in medieval times, or today, or on a different planet (a la the Pern novels) or something in the shape of a dragon … a rocky outcrop that reminds your character of a dragon, one of your characters has a dragon tattoo that features prominently in the story, one character owns a novelty shop selling dragons.  Anything goes, really.


Friday Fun Facts:

What is the weirdest way you’ve ever seen a dragon used in a story?

Friday Fun Facts

Back again by…ok, it’s not back by any kind of demand, popular or otherwise…but it’s back.

This week’s question…what is your most cherished Christmas Holiday (specific…not just ‘spending time with family).

Mine is…every year, my girls and I make a ton of candy to give out to family and friends as gifts.  It’s hard work and takes forever, and I’m really not a big “Let’s bake” sort of person (I cook to eat and that’s about it) but I love the time I get to spend with them while doing this and they both love it so much it will be a tradition far into the future…if I have anything to say about it.