Friday Fun Facts

Back again by…ok, it’s not back by any kind of demand, popular or otherwise…but it’s back.

This week’s question…what is your most cherished Christmas Holiday (specific…not just ‘spending time with family).

Mine is…every year, my girls and I make a ton of candy to give out to family and friends as gifts.  It’s hard work and takes forever, and I’m really not a big “Let’s bake” sort of person (I cook to eat and that’s about it) but I love the time I get to spend with them while doing this and they both love it so much it will be a tradition far into the future…if I have anything to say about it.



  1. I always make Parker House rolls for Christmas dinner–because when I was a little girl my grandmother would let me help her make them. She started cooking professionally when she was only 16 & watching her cook & bake was like watching a magician–she never looked at a recipe and everything always came out perfectly. She’s been gone since 1987, but baking those luscious little butter-bombs always makes me feel close to her. 🙂
    Even though kneading hurts now, it wouldn’t be Christmas without those rolls!

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