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Welcome Sandra Bard back to my humble blog.

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Hi, I’m back and it feels as if I’m no longer a stranger here. I’ve been doing regular posts here for some time now.  Thank you so much for having me back and here I am with my next book. This book is not about ‘my’ Singapore but it is derived off my experience there.

When I first went to Singapore, it was with the knowledge I was going to be stuck there for the next couple of years. Yes, there was the option of going back home but it wasn’t exactly as if I could quit and move back after all the effort I’d made to move out.

Knowing I have very few choices made me resent my move. I hated the weather, the people and the fast paced environment. I didn’t think I’d ever get used to it.

But it grew on me. Day by day, I got used to it. I learned to navigate the food stalls and the subways and the odd language barrier, where everyone spoke English but not the English I was used to. More than that, when it was finally time for me to leave, I was genuinely sorry to leave the place I’d started to call home.

When I was thinking about a place to base my story in, I thought of Singapore. It started off as an age difference story and I hope it ended up as more. Declan is the workaholic and Alvin is the younger, gym cleaner who just happens to catch his eye.  They both had their hang up and invisible hurdles to get over, and it’s not just the age gap.

This is probably my first published stand alone short story and I tried very hard to stick to a word limit. As with every one of my stories, I want my characters to have a happy ending without it being the end of their story.

Having said that, I am thinking of a follow up for them that would probably follow their relationship a little further. It might be fun…

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Blurb: Declan Reid is thirty-seven, well established in his job and next in line for a promotion. Then he’s transferred to Singapore after unwittingly sleeping with a client, leaving him hurt and humiliated. Determined to prove to head office they made a mistake, he vows to keep his head down and work hard.

He hadn’t counted on Alvin, however: content with his job mopping floors, happy to remain in Singapore, and significantly younger than Declan. He’s the very last person Declan should be noticing, especially if he wants to get back on track with his ambitions, but the more he’s around Alvin the less appealing those ambitions begin to seem.

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Sandra Bard started writing when she was quite young because there was always a story inside her head, but never thought of writing for an audience until recently. She only decided to try her hand at writing for the sake of being published after a series of events left her with some free time and in between jobs.

She grew up travelling the world from Africa to Asia and, though she now lectures full time at a university, dreams of having a job that wouldn’t tie her down to one place. She enjoys reading books, watching anime and, occasionally, visiting a fan-fiction site. She also dabbles in tai chi and yoga in the hope they would keep her flexible and help lose weight. She lives with her pets (fish, cats, and dogs) and has been a volunteer for an organization that takes care of stray dogs (there are many, where she lives) for over ten years. She would love to hear from her readers and can be found at her Tumblr ( or e-mailed at