Wednesday Challenge Meets Friday Fun Facts.

Writing Challenge:   Write something that includes a dragon…either a ‘real’ dragon, set in medieval times, or today, or on a different planet (a la the Pern novels) or something in the shape of a dragon … a rocky outcrop that reminds your character of a dragon, one of your characters has a dragon tattoo that features prominently in the story, one character owns a novelty shop selling dragons.  Anything goes, really.


Friday Fun Facts:

What is the weirdest way you’ve ever seen a dragon used in a story?



  1. Note: this is my first Wednesday Writing Challenge…hope I’m doing this right…

    The dragon was huge, beautiful, and deadly. It seemed to be intent on getting to its prey, which was Alisa, who was currently hugging the ground and whimpering in fear. Alisa was terrified-she’d heard all kinds of horrible stories about dragons, but never in her life had she expected to meet one in person.

    “Don’t be frightened,” The dragon spoke! She had no idea that dragons were capable of speaking, but then she supposed it did make an odd kind of sense. “I promise I won’t hurt you…”

    She couldn’t help but flinch away as the dragon’s head moved to be right in front of her.

    “Wha…what do you want?” She asked, her voice a mere whisper of fear. But she was also bewildered and curious at the same time. Her father had told her that when one faced danger, they didn’t always just feel fear. She hadn’t understood what he meant, but now…after all this time…she thought that she knew.

    “I simply wish directions. Which way to the Eastern Sea?” The dragon asked, and she blinked, looking up in astonishment, fear momentarily forgotten.

    A dragon was lost?

    “You’re lost?” She asked, blurting the words out before she could stop herself. She hugged her arms against her chest, trying to push the fear away. The dragon huffed, sounding irritated.

    “Why is it that you humans always think that dragons are super intelligent creatures who are always capable of doing whatever they want, and doing the most damage that they can?” The dragon demanded, and Alisa had the sudden strange notion that the dragon may have been a female. “YES, I’m lost.”

    She couldn’t help but let out a nervous giggle.

    “The Eastern Sea is that way-five days I think,” She said, pointing in the opposite direction of the sun.

    The dragon smiled. It was a pretty scary smile, but Alisa got the sense that the dragon was trying to smile in gratitude.

    “Thank you.” It spoke, and then it took off-the wind whipping up around her as it left, leaving behind a trail of leaves in its wake.

    For a few long moments, Alisa only stood there, still stunned that she had seen a dragon. No one at home would believe her…

    But then, who said she was going to tell anyone at all?

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