Runaway by Nic Starr – Guest Post

A big thank you to Brynn for hosting me today as I celebrate the release of Runaway.

Runaway is my latest release. It’s part of the Dreamspinner Press World of Love collection. The World of Love stories are “contemporary romances spotlighting the unique features, qualities and attributes of a specific country as well as the universality of love wherever it’s found.”

The story of Nate and Damien takes place in the Australian state of New South Wales, starting in a small country town on the north coast, followed by time spent in Sydney. To celebrate the release of the book, I thought I’d share some of the inspiration for the story with you.

Story and Character Inspiration

Inspiration comes from all places. I’ve had story ideas from looking at a photo, listening to a song or reading a news article. Some stories and characters have come from out of the blue, seemingly from nowhere.

This story came from thinking about the publisher’s submission call. The publisher was specifically asking for stories that showcased the uniqueness and special nature of each part of the world. In my case, this was New South Wales in Australia. I knew I had to include Sydney with its many iconic landmarks, but I wanted to give a broader taste of the state. Therefore I had to formulate a plot that started in the country (in this case a largish coastal town) but ended in the city, and thus the concept of Runaway was born: Two men who reconnect in the country town where they were raised, and then travel to Sydney in search of a runaway teenager which gives them a  good excuse to travel around the city.

I like to have visual, and sometimes musical inspirations behind my stories too. This includes visuals for the characters, their homes, and places they visit. For Runaway, the three main characters were visually inspired as follows:

  • Eric Bana, the well-known Australian actor, provided inspiration for Damien Sinclair. Damien runs the Pacific Bait & Tackle shop and is an outdoors kind of guy.
  • Laurence Nicotra, a beautiful older model, is my Nate. Nate Powell is a doctor who had been living in the city but now in his forties, returns the coastal town of his birth to live and work.
  • Lucas Dell, a YouTuber, is my Runaway teen, Jackson.

Here’s the link to my Pinterest board where you can see the images of these guys, as well as the other visual and musical inspiration for Runaway.

I hope you like seeing a little glimpse of Sydney in Runaway. If you’d like to see some more of my beautiful country, you can visit the following blogs who are also hosting me during the Runaway release.

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Runaway - 200 x 300Dr Nathan Powell is ready to settle down near his family, and hopefully find the man of his dreams. He returns to the small coastal town where he grew up, but while life is simpler than it was in the city, there are also complications—like patients’ reactions to an openly gay doctor. And like running into Nate’s first love, Damien, an out-and-proud local business owner who is unwilling to be any man’s dirty secret. The reunion reignites old desire even while it stirs up Nate’s guilt over the way things ended with Damien.

When Nate’s nephew runs away, Damien accompanies Nate on his mission to find the young man. The drive to Sydney, and the search of the city, gives Nate time to reconnect with Damien—and to wonder if he made the right decision years ago—when he determined a future for them was impossible. Is a fresh start realistic for two men in their forties? But before he can ponder the second chance they’ve been given, Nate must locate his nephew.

World of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the globe.

Dreamspinner Press | Amazon US | Barnes & Noble


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