Monday Meets: Sandra Bard

Monday Meets on Tuesday? Stranger things have happened. Here is Sandra Bard and her newest book of the Divide series.

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It seems I’m back in familiar territory, being back here for the third time. Thank you so much for having me back for the third book in my Divide Series.

When I started writing the Divide series, I was actually just aiming for one book(Into the Divide) which was actually a short story. Then it became two(Divided Within): because it was obvious Izaak needed his own story.

By book three, Divide by Two, the four people who are the central characters of the series, Tarn and Calvin, and Izaak and Vincent have finally formed somewhat tenuous connections with each other. Vincent is unsure of relationship with Izaak as compared to Tarn—hence, he just doesn’t like Tarn, Izaak really doesn’t know where he stands with Vincent, Calvin isn’t really sure of how to treat Izaak and Tarn… is just plain sick.

One thing this book does not have is an active Divide mission, which, in a Divide series novel, seems a bit counterproductive. But the universe is a slow build up and I wanted to explain each point in as much detail as possible before finally, really, explaining what a Divide is. Before that, this gave me an opportunity to add more back-story to the characters and build up some much needed team dynamics. If the four of them are to face danger together, they need to grow and improve as individuals.

They are finally leaving Sinkhole, the planet they’re on, ready to take on Vincent’s quest to return to Cowrie. But even before they set off, there are problems. Vincent finds out that his exploration team is being disbanded and his accounts frozen. Then an accident in space splits them up.

Izaak is stuck with Calvin on a crippled ship while Tarn is stuck with a very difficult Vincent who is not the easiest person to deal with. Izaak has to pick himself up and take charge while Tarn and Vincent are left struggling with limited resources on a space station.

This book takes place after the ‘honeymoon’ period is over, when the couples have to face reality. The initial attraction might have brought people together but it takes more than that to keep a relationship working. In addition, the Divide series will always refer back to the connection between Tarn and Izaak. They are a pair who has been together and as with each Divide novel, this explores something from their past while letting them move past it.

As usual, I had fun writing his book and the next one is already half done.

Hoping that the fun continues.

p.s. I finally got to use Tarn’s real name. 😀

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Title: Divide by Two

Author: Sandra Bard

Genre: M/M romance /Sci-fi  

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

Blurb: Izaak Van Tassel is finally ready to move on, leaving his post as Commander of CS-1320 with his new lover Vincent. Even if he’s not entirely confident of Vincent’s feelings. His only consolation is that his right hand man and trusted friend Tarn will be accompanying him, as well as Tarn’s partner Calvin. Then an accident in space divides the part of four, stranding Izaak and Calvin on a crippled ship, and Tarn is left to deal with the difficult Vincent…

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