Monday Meets: Kristi Lee

Hey there, happy Monday.

To help us celebrate the beginning of another wonderful week of reading, here is Kristi Lee, telling us about her  book, Surprised at Nothing.

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Thanks, Brynn, for having me as a guest author on your blog! My name is Kristi Lee, and my first original fiction novella was published at Dreamspinner Press on April 29th, 2015. My background was in slash (male/male) fanfiction, which I wrote prolifically from 2003-2012 or so. I first challenged myself to write original fiction in 2010 but didn’t complete a work until 2014. That work is Surprised at Nothing, the novella picked up by Dreamspinner. Since it may be a story unfamiliar to readers of this blog, rather than interview the two protagonists, Reggie Orrick and Ian ‘Kelp’ McGhinty, I’ll share a bit about myself and some traits that manage to find their way into every story I write.

I’m a lifelong lover of redheads. From a very young age I felt cheated that while I have pale skin and green eyes, I was born with brown hair, not red. From the age of 16 on, I’ve remedied that oversight of genetics. 😉 I also always wanted to be left-handed, though I’m not, and probably only a broken right arm would prompt a true pursuit of those skills. In much the way that if you read about a grey-eyed character in the Ardaverse (any of Tolkien’s works) you know that s/he is noble, if you read any of my stories and note that there’s a left-handed, red-haired individual, she or he is my favorite and probably can do no wrong.

Coming from a fandom background, I was at first absolutely flummoxed when I realized that I’d need to have cover art for Surprised at Nothing. I’d made my own ‘movie poster’ type artwork for some of my longer fanfiction series, but when confronted with a very strategic decision about my first original fiction work, I had to really think about what image I wanted for this story. For me it’s much more about the relationship and inner workings of the characters versus what they look like, so I knew I didn’t want specific facial or body imagery. Thankfully I had a eureka! moment when I thought about the cover art for the beautiful novel At Swim, Two Boys by Jamie O’Neill, and was able to share that with the artist assigned to me. There’s a scene toward the end of Surprised at Nothing in which Kelp swims in the ocean at night, and that transformative moment was captured beautifully in the cover art.

I feel so fortunate to be published by Dreamspinner Press, and am hoping that the sequel to Surprised at Nothing, which I recently submitted, will similarly be picked up for publication. I love feedback and would be thrilled to hear from any of you if you have questions or just want to say hi! J



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