Monday Meet: Sandra Bard

Today we welcome Sandra Bard.

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Thank you for having me on the blog again.

I was on the blog once before, to promote the first book of this series: Into the Divide and here I am, again, promoting the second book in the series, Divided Within.

In Into the Divide, which is actually a short story, I explored a single planet within the Divide Universe and introduced two characters from two different background, Tarn and Calvin. Tarn was a former criminal from the First Fighters and Calvin was a geek from the Science Division.

In the second book, Divided Within, I wanted to explore more closely the division between the two sides of the base on the planet and how that affected the tension in the base. I also took this as an opportunity to concentrate on a character from the previous book, I thought was worth exploring a little more—Izaak.

I planned out the Divide Universe as an enormous expanse with thousands of planets spread over a vast space. And after being through countless planets together, Tarn and Izaak have more of a history together than most characters, and I had fun introducing someone from their past in this story, Vincent (who is on the cover).

I am having fun in this universe since anything is possible. Each story I write in this series is another layer that explains a little bit more about it but I have a feeling I’ll be writing a few more stories within this universe because there is so much to tell.

My characters develop as the story goes on, they grow up, learn new thing and become better people through it. It’s not always easy and they make mistakes and sometimes these mistakes can be costly but everyone deserves a second chance.

In the end, it’s all about fitting in and meeting people who accept and love each other for who they are.


Title: Into the Divide

Author: Sandra Bard

Genre: M/M romance /Sci-fi  

Publisher: Less Than Three Press


Blurb: When Commander Michele is murdered, the duty of managing the exploration base falls to Izaak. But Science Division doesn’t want him in authority, his second in command is transferring out, and the inspector sent to investigate the murder is someone Izaak would much rather have never seen again.

All in all, he’d rather be fighting monsters behind the Divide.

Buy links:

Less than three press


This is me on Goodreads:

About the author:

Sandra Bard started writing when she was quite young because there was always a story inside her head, but never thought of writing for an audience until recently. She only decided to try her hand at writing for the sake of being published after a series of events left her with some free time and in between jobs.

She grew up travelling the world from Africa to Asia and, though she now lectures full time at a university, dreams of having a job that wouldn’t tie her down to one place. She enjoys reading books, watching anime and, occasionally, visiting a fan-fiction site. She also dabbles in tai chi and yoga in the hope they would keep her flexible and help lose weight. She lives with her pets (fish, cats, and dogs) and has been a volunteer for an organization that takes care of stray dogs (there are many, where she lives) for over ten years. She would love to hear from her readers and can be found at her Tumblr ( or e-mailed at





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