Monday Meets: Christopher Hawthorne Moss

ANGEL EYES: A Gay Romance of the Mexican War

 By Christopher Hawthorne Moss

Published by Shield-wall Books, Bothell WA USA

Available March 28, 2015 – ask for review copy in the format you need.

Themes: gay romance;  gay erotica; military; historical; adult; Mexican War of 1846-48; ebook

 angel eyes

BLURB:  Michael “Mick” Murphy tells his own story of the adventure of a lifetime as he travels with Major General Winfield Scott, “Old Fuss and Feathers”, to the Mexico of Santa Ana.  Just out of West Point, Mick is assigned as an aide de camp to Scott, finding his role a sort of factotum.  His adventures involve arranging for spies in Havana, coordinating a liaison with a handsome young don, observing the executions of the tragic San  Patricio Battalion, and fighting in the run up to the capture of Mexico City.  A young and passionate man he also dallies with an old flame in New York City,  with a dapper song and dance man of the African American persuasion, a cross dressing prostitute, and that same dashing young don who has a taste for a little bondage.  All of this to tell the story of why Mick lied about how he got the disabling wound in this thigh that he tells Frankie Deramus in the previous novel, WHERE MY LOVE LIES DREAMING.



I had noted that one of the condemned men had had both his legs amputated.  Harney insisted he be propped up, as much in pain as he was, and the noose put around his neck.  Right before he was about to die and despite being in excruciating pain, the man, whose name was same as mine, Murphy, could not resist insulting and taunting Harney. Murphy’s San Patricio comrades roared with laughter as another chimed in, turning to Harney, “If we won’t be hung until yer dirty rag flies from the castle, we will live to eat the goose that will fatten on the grass that grows on year own gravel.” Another of the condemned men asked Harney if he would do him a favor. A frustrated Harney asked him what that would be. The man replied that he wanted Harney to take his pipe out of his pocket and light his own hair with it. As the man and his fellow San Patricios laughed hysterically, Harney’s face turned purple with rage, and with the hilt of his saber, he bashed the San Patricio in the mouth. This blow broke some of the man’s teeth, who then spit them out and continued to torment the Colonel as many of the other San Patricios joined in. Soon afterward, the sight of the Mexican flag coming down and the American flag being raised over the castle indicated that the Americans had won

I honestly do not know what Scott and Harney intended for the San Patricios, forcing them to see the flag raised over Mexico City.  It seemed an empty gesture to me, the men on the scaffolds facing the scene of defeat.  If they felt anything I could not tell.  Their heads were covered with bags.  They could have been weeping or they could have been laughing.


I had the placket of his trousers open and pulled his cock out of his drawers, then blessed my lips around a handsome big fellow that was hot and throbbing with need.  He tasted like any other man, as I knew he would, though he smelled almost flowery, some scent he wore, I supposed.  I heard his breath hitch as I started to drag my lips up the length of him.  I could feel the tide of his blood in the veins that ran along his cock.  he began to thrust himself into my mouth harder and harder, until I heard him moan and start to pull away.  He pulled me to my feet.

Hearing my own voice make a whimper I murmured “No,” and tried to pull him back into my mouth.  He said, chuckling, “Now you wait little boy.  Didn’t your mama ever tell you a good meal is worth taking your time with?” 

I felt his leg come around behind my knees and then the firm pressure to cause them to bend.  He lowered me to the floor atop that deep carpeting.  He had managed nearly to strip me naked, but I reached down to push my trousers and drawers down over  my boots.  Frantically I toed my boots off to allow the legs of my trousers to remove the obstacles.


Jackdaw lay alongside me at first, his huge member still poking out of his fly.  I reached for it and took it in my hand and stroked.  He likewise found my own turgid and not inconsiderable endowment and spitting in his palm,, brought it to my cock and slipped deliciously up and down. 

“I need you to fuck me,” I insisted.

Jackdaw laughed.  “You are a greedy little boy, you are.” 

I started to lift up to get on my hands and knees to accept him , but he stopped me.  Instead he reached down to lift me with one broad hand on each butt cheek.  I watched him guide his prick to my ass cheeks, then having lubricated his hands with spit again, began to press into me.    He was not the biggest I had ever had, but it may as well have been, as ready for it as I was.  I felt its girth slide in very slowly, relaxed against the pain and then felt his cock pop into my body.  I thought fireworks were going off in every nerve-ending.  I cried out, then slapped my hand over my mouth.  Jackdaw leaned in and covered my mouth with his to help me stifle my moans. 

He thrust steadily in and out of me,  sometimes almost pulling completely out, and under his kiss I whined every time he did.  The sensations I had were like trying to absorb his cock then everything else.  I imagined my hole was chewing and biting as if  it was having a hearty meal of its own.  I was repeatedly demanding , “More.  Harder. Shove it all the way in.”


ANGEL EYES: A Gay Romance of the Mexican War

By Christopher Hawthorne Moss

Shield-wall Books, March 2015

Available for Kindle at $4.99 at


Cover artist: L. C. Chase Art and Design

Cordially, Christopher Hawthorne Moss, Historical Novelist GLBT Bookshelf editor and blogger Author site: GLBT BOOKSHELF GLBT Bookshelf blog:


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