Monday Meets: Talon P.S.

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MM / Erotic Romance

Trenton Leos has always been known to many as the Dominus, the man to go to for the perfect D/s match. However, Trenton and his brothers are about to find out that he and their lifestyle has become the target of a political cleansing. A shady operation with very deep pockets comes to the surface when Trenton is asked to investigate a dark secret that threatens the future of Pyotr’s younger brother, Trofim Laszkovi and his lover, Shay Wilks.

~ * ~

Trofim Laszkovi would never forget how right it felt to be in Shay’s Wilks’ arms five years ago. But Shay’s father made it abundantly clear with threats hard to ignore, that Trofim’s family would pay the price if he didn’t stay away from Shay. So with the help of a friend, Trofim made a career move that put him an ocean away from his family— and his heart.

Even now, having finally returned home only a year ago to the family he missed, Trofim hadn’t dared allow himself to look in Shay’s direction.

~ * ~

Shay Wilks has done everything he could to keep his father’s plans for him at arm’s length and protect his internship as a doctor from ruin by the same man. All in hopes that the only man Shay has ever loved will one day return to him.

Now, five years later, Shay finally has another chance to be with Trofim. If only he can convince Trofim they are better together than apart as well as get out from under his father’s brutal hold in time before Shay loses Trofim again— for good.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


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~ * ~

They’d just finished knocking the sand from their shoes before climbing into the car when Shay’s father called. “Yeah.” Shay answered without any attempt to be the doting son or even professional.

The false concern of his father’s voice spoke up. “Just called to see how last night went.”


What was the emergency?”

“Car wreck full of teens.”

What’s their condition now?”

“There is such a thing called a patient-physician privilege confidentiality agreement. It means I can’t discuss other people’s health conditions to you or anyone else who doesn’t have their consent.”

And what’s stopping you from lying to me?” His father’s gruff voice strained just a notch under barking.

“I’m sure you have a newspaper in front of you. Try a few headlines outside of the politics or financial sections.”

So where are you now? Sarah said she hadn’t spoken to you today, yet. Didn’t you think to call her after running out on her like that last night?”

“I got called into work, remember?” Shay glanced around, his attention scanning the parked cars, and the milling of families and others, coming and going from vehicle to beach. “If I owe apologies for every time that is going to happen there’d be no sense in her marrying a doctor.”

He looked for faces watching him, he looked for his father’s car or the wife’s car. But nothing popped out at Shay, except for Trofim, who stood like a ghost on the other side of the Mercedes staring back at him. Shay wasn’t even sure if Trofim was even allowing himself to breathe lest Shay’ father heard it and caught them together.

Even I would have thought to have heard from you by now?”

“Why is that? You made your peace before I left.”

This isn’t finished.”

“What? Are you all still waiting at the banquet hall for me to come back and kiss the bride you’re blackmailing me to marry?” Seeing the pain straining in his lover’s face was upsetting Shay and it showed in his tone, and in his answers toward his father. He didn’t usually try to incite him. Conversations with Benjamin Wilks were considerably shorter if Shay just went along with it. Nod and move on.

You watch your mouth with me, boy. A marriage to Sarah Londonaire will only put you in the rights in the eyes of society. I have gone through considerable trouble for you. And you will show me the proper respect.” The bark was on now.

“You mean you don’t want anyone to know your son is gay, because it will look poorly on you as a man. Your politician buddies at the tea-bagger parties will all be staring at you, watching, gauging your actions to see if you act gay just like your son.”

No son of mine is gay! Do you hear me?!” The bark turned into an angry command of denial.

“Does that mean I don’t have to listen to you anymore?”

You didn’t answer my question?”

“Which one was that?”

Tell me where you are, Shay. Or my next call is to Judge Leverette.”

Shay folded. “I’m at the beach.”

So you have time to go to the beach but not time to be present at your own engagement party or call your fiancée?”

“I was at the hospital all last night. I came out here for a jog and some fresh air before heading in again.”

Since when does a doctor have to do back to back weekend nights?” His father’s suspicions growing in intensity.

“I’m an intern doctor. I work when they tell me to. And, since you failed to give me any of my money this month, I need the extra hours to make my loan payments.”

You didn’t think your engagement party came free did you?” It was a low blow but not surprising. His father was good about gloating when it came to him spending Shay’s money.

Shay gritted his teeth, he knew it had to have come from his own money, and he feared what, if any, was left of it. “Then maybe next time I have to foot the bill, you’ll let me pick my own fiancé and invite my friends instead of yours.” And with that Shay hung up. He had no interest in furthering their discussion. His father was trying to keep track of him, and the less his father knew, the better. He just needed a little more time to get free of him. Four more months and it would be done.

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  1. I love this story!!!!! Trofim and Shay are perfection, even though they have a real up hill battle to be together. You (Talon & Princess) have given us some oh so lovable characters but DAMN!!!! Shay’s dad scares the shit out of me!!! LOL

    The Dominion of Brothers series is one of the BEST I have read and can not wait for the next story to see where it goes next and who will be the next to find their Unicorn ❤ ❤

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