Tales from the Bible Belt: Pipeline

I’m late posting this to my blog. I posted it on FB on the day it happened. Here it is repeated here, though.




Bible thumping coworker had something to say about this today. I brought it up in my civics class because we were talking about the legislative brancha and how bills become laws and what a veto is, etc, etc. Bible thumping coworker tried to turn the class into an Obama hate session “He only vetoed it because the environment scare movement is the same people who funded his campaign. The so called science is all trumped up…” He didn’t get much beyond that. I asked him to look up if there was a definite date when congress would meet to try to override the veto. He sputtered a little, but the kids were really interested in that and I turned it into a math lesson, asking them how many votes two thirds of the congress would be and giving them the numbers of votes for it to begin with and asking them how many more votes they’d need to override. They were off like a shot (they get bonus token economy points for the flash math problems throughout the day) and coworker was left sputtering. He finally looked it up. Apparently they vote again on March 3. I haven’t fact checked yet, though.


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