Round Robin- Different Tracks- Part 4

Part Four is up on Suki’s site.

Part Four of our Round Robin Free Read is up on Suki Fleet’s site. Thanks to Jess Small for the graphic.


Suki Fleet


I’m taking part in a round robin free read with 7 other authors–Sophie Bonaste, Charlie Cochet, Grace Duncan, Kim Fielding, Lane Hayes, Elizabeth Noble and Brynn Stein. It’s called Different Tracks and we’re posting twice a week. The first three parts of the story can be found here:

Sophie Bonaste Part One:

Brynn Stein Part Two:

Grace Duncan Part Three:

Elizabeth Noble will be putting up Part 5 on 19th Jan.

Credit to Jess Small for the graphic XD

Part 4

Peter was studying the schedule pinned on the outside of the temporary office detailing what work needed to be done today, when Jo touched his arm.

“Hot guy approaching at six o clock,” she whispered, leaning against the wall beside him, and smiling.

Peter turned around, shading his eyes from the sun. Sure enough the guy he’d noticed getting out the Civic a few minutes ago was making his way purposefully toward them.

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