Tales from the Bible Belt

Narcissistic Bible-thumping Coworker has been at it again.

We had to decide what insurance coverage we wanted through work, and in the course of investigating the changes made this year by our employers, he discovered that insurance is now being offered for same gender couples.

He hit the roof!

Spouted all kinds of crap about how he shouldn’t have to pay for ‘people like that’. Now, mind you, we’re talking about insurance that the couple in question would pay for. We’re not talking about the optional ‘benefit share’ that we can do where we can donate time or money to help coworkers on short term disability, etc.

When I pointed that out, he said, “well, the company shouldn’t have to pay for them either.” I pointed out that those couples might have the same opinion about the company providing insurance for bible-thumpers, too. He huffed and walked out, which, in my world, is a good thing.

Geez. The ignorance and self-righteousness.


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