Great Review for Living Again

Bike Book Reviews gave Living Again a fantastic review.

” This is truly a sweet, beautiful story.  I’ve always found something magical and endearing about nurses that have big hearts.  This book nails that feeling for me.  Its not the attraction these two feel for one another that is the focus of this story.  Its the beauty in finding someone you can love.  Admiration of strengths that some might not see.  Being vulnerable with someone isn’t easy.
Our main character Daniel finds himself in such a position.  His accident leaves him vulnerable physically.  After loosing his leg in a previous injury, he’s become fiercely independent.  Not an easy pill to swallow for him indeed!  Along comes our gorgeous nightingale.  At first there is no doubt a physical attraction.  Its hard not to swoon for a guy that can sweep you off your feet literally.  But that’s not the only reason Daniel can’t get enough of our Jonah.
Jonah has been through so much.  Yet he is still a bright light in a world of bitterness.  Somehow this guy isn’t jaded, just afraid.  He’s not only got to take care of his own heart, but the dear sweet little boy that is now his to raise.  The college professor earns his respect, then earns his trust.  Its a slow journey for these two, with lots of bumps along the way.
Speaking of that sweet boy.  Brynn wrote this little fella right into my heart.  I think he was my favorite part of the book.  What an angel!  This little boy isn’t handicapped at all.  In his mind, everyone else is at a loss for NOT having two plastic legs.  I loved him, and he almost broke my heart.
All in all this story is a very sweet read.  Hope you all enjoy it and check it out!”

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