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Welcome to my blog today, Sandra Bard!



First of all, thank you for having me on the blog. Although I published my first book over a year ago, I’m still blog-less (is that a word). All I have is my tumblr where everyone is welcome. This means I exist on the kindness of others when it comes to posting about my writing.

I think it was sometime last year in-between juggling

work: difficult boss, demanding staff, new curriculum

personal life: there was a distemper epidemic in our area and I had to euthanize most of the stray dogs I was trying to save (this was what particularly depressing and I considered quitting my job because I couldn’t handle the pressure) I still work with strays and most of the time there are no happy endings but I try.

family: brother and his new bride who’d decided to invade our home

I came across the Less Than Three Press call for the Won’t Back Down anthology. It was basically going to be a collection for people who fought—fight. Since my life seemed to be one big fight, it was obvious I was going to contribute to the Anthology.

I went through a lot of choices from professional fighters, such as boxers or wrestlers, to ancient warriors. I even called my friend, who is married to an army officer to inquire if she thought men in uniforms were fighters—her answer, no, not really, they protected the innocent. Then I realised, I was trying too hard to force my character to be a ‘good guy.’

Hence Tarn.

Tarn is a former criminal, forced to serve his term defending science teams that explore Divide worlds. He is part of the Rehabilitation squad established to give criminals like him a second chance. However, no one calls them that—they call themselves the First Fighters since they are the first to fight but in not so polite companies, they’re called the Death Squad. The name isn’t as awe inspiring as it sounds, it just means they’re the first to die.

Since nothing high tech works inside the Divides, the First Fighters use weapons that are … low tech. Tarn is one of the most experience fighters around, not that he likes the scientists he’s forced to escort very much. When he gets stuck escorting one inexperienced technician across the Nullands, he’s just not thrilled. Calvin is Tarn’s opposite, soft, inexperienced and hasn’t fought for anything for himself, but he has surprises of his own.

I never write with a full plot in mind. I usually have some people and scenes in mind but I write sequentially, that is, I write the whole story in the order it goes. (Did I make sense or did I just write like I think). Anyway, Into the Divide, just appeared in my mind fully formed. I did shift around a few ideas and had to think of a few names but in the end I wrote it as it came to my mind. If there is ever a favourite book of mine, this is it.

I had I had fun writing about Divide worlds. I don’t know if the reader will ever realise it but I was smiling the entire time I wrote the story (and I wasn’t high). Then I submitted it to the anthology and Less Than Three Press wrote back asking if I’d like to publish it as an ebook since they liked it as well. I wrote a second book in the series, Divided Within which was also accepted by Less Than Three Press and will be coming out in March 2014 (tentatively) and I’ve submitted the third book in the series and am working on the forth. (deep breath)


About the book

Title: Into the Divide

Author: Sandra Bard

Genre: M/M romance /Sci-fi  

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

Blurb: Nullands: Sections of a series of planets sealed off by an energy barrier, called the Divide, filled with danger, where technology does not work. Tarn is part of the Death Squad, a criminal given a second chance by agreeing to risk his life over and over again in the Nullands. His latest mission is the kind he usually avoids: babysit an inexperience lab tech while they hunt down the dangerous creature that escaped a research lab. Calvin is the lab tech given the unenviable task of hunting down the creature that escaped his lab, after it killed his friend and five others. An assignment he mostly landed for refusing to sleep with his boss, he knows damn good and well he’s being sent to die. What he doesn’t expect is Tarn, or how far he’s willing to go to survive.



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Sandra Bard has been writing stories ever since she was a small girl but she’s only recently started to publish. She loves to make up stories in her head, read books, watch anime (mecha, yaoi), and occasionally visits a fan-fiction site. She lives with her pets (fish, cats and dogs), and has been a volunteer for an organization that takes care of stray dogs (there are many, where she lives), for over ten years. When she has some free time she dabbles in Wushu, Tai Chi, and Yoga to keep herself flexible (she hopes). Her real life jobs involve lecturing at the university and freelancing as a maths tutor. Though she writes romance stories, she still hasn’t met Mr. Right and hopes one day that she’ll be able to rescue him (whoever he may be) from a fire breathing dragon (or something equally daring). She would love to hear from her readers and can be found at her tumblr ( or emailed at


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