Blog Tour Winners!

Thanks so much to everyone who followed the blog tour for Living Again. I loved getting to know all of you, and I had a ball visiting all the various blog sites.


I chose three winners to the drawing, as promised, yesterday and am now posting the winners at all the blog sites.


The winners are:


The signed paperback copy goes to Jen CW

The two electronic copies go to Ardent Ereader and Trix


Winners, please email me at to give me your information.


Jen, I’ll need your mailing address so I can send you the signed copy. Please also tell me if you want me to put anything in particular in the signature.


Ardent and Trix, let me know if you have a Dreamspinner account. It’s easier on this end if I can just tell them who you are and have them transfer a copy to your bookshelf. If you need other arrangements, please let me know that too.


Again, thanks SO much to all the hosts who helped me out, and thanks to all you who commented.


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