Tales from the Bible Belt

I had a parent come in for orientation yesterday. She’s one half of one of the same sex couples, (we have three in our classroom). She came in by herself.  I’ve never seen her by herself. Her partner is always with her and is usually every bit as involved with the student as his biological mother. But yesterday, she wasn’t there.

When she came into the room, she looked nervously at my infamous coworker but neither spoke to the other. As the meeting proceeded, she made casual mention of her partner…just in passing. My coworker snorted in disgust. Actually snorted. Then left. Once he was no longer there, and since the mom had brought up the partner, I inquired about her, wondering why she wasn’t there that day. The mom said, “She thought he’d be less hostile if she wasn’t there.” She indicated my coworkers desk. Then she continued, “Guess she was wrong.”

I have had conversation after conversation with my coworker about his attitude toward not only the same sexed couples but all of the parents that he finds ‘ungodly’. There’s only two couples that he actually interacts appropriately with…both are heterosexual married, two person household, ‘good God-fearing folk’. And those two couples are indeed very nice people whom I get along with well. But so are the three couples of same sex partners, the lady who’s living with a guy out of wedlock and the self-proclaimed atheist.

But, you know, it doesn’t really matter if they’re nice too. Our job shouldn’t be about making an effort only with parents that we like. We’re there for these kids, who already have enough on their plate with bad past experiences, or emotional issues, or prominent handicapping conditions. We’re not there to spread our version of religion…actually, we shouldn’t be spreading ANY version of religion. We’re not a church run school and I’m sorry, it has no place in the classroom or in the relationships we are supposed to be building with these parents IN ORDER TO HELP THE KIDS!!!

Okay, rant over. Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment.



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