Monday Meets: Teegan Loy

Today’s guest is Teegan Loy. Thanks so much for dropping by Teegan.



My name is Teegan Loy and I’m an author over at Dreamspinner. Thanks so much, Brynn for hosting me on your blog.


A few years ago, I wrote a story called Frozen Hearts. The book was out for a few months with a different publisher. Things didn’t work out and the book was pulled. To say it sucked would be a huge understatement, but I got over it and moved on. Enter Dreamspinner, who has now published three short stories, and two novels, Echoes of Us and Picks & Pucks. I submitted Frozen Hearts and they agreed to release it with added content, so I dove in, and fell in love with Erik and Tyce again.


I love hockey. I love watching hockey and I love writing about the guys who play hockey. I grew up surrounded by hockey. We had a backyard rink where kids from the neighborhood gathered to play pick-up games. The rink wasn’t regulation size, but it worked fine for us.


A few days ago, I had the opportunity to see the greatest trophy in all of sport, the Stanley Cup. I’ve been told there is a magic surrounding the cup, and I might have to agree with them because after touching it, I came home, and started the sequel to Frozen Hearts. I wrote over 2000 words in one sitting. Oh, & you can check out a picture of my mini, the cup, and me over at my blog.


Frozen Hearts is available for pre-order on Dreampinner. The official release date is August 22, 2014.




Unbidden thoughts snuck into my mind, begging for release. I tried to stop them, to keep the door shut, but I was too tired and weak to fight them off. Maybe I needed reminding that once upon a time, I was happy.


It was one of those cloudy, calm winter evenings when the outside rink screamed your name and you had no choice but to lace up your skates. Only tonight my mother had banned us from going outside until our homework was complete. Tyce and I had holed up in my room, buried in a mound of papers and books. We were doing okay until Arielle strolled by and opened her big mouth about a pick-up game in the park. We shoved the books away and thundered down the stairs, grabbing our gear and heading out the door before my mother could shout at us. Five minutes later, we were in the warming house lacing up our skates.

The hours melted away. There was no pressure to score, to make a good hit, or show someone up. We practiced trick plays and trick shots, showing off our skills. I loved watching Tyce let loose. My favorite was when he skated full speed, weaving in and out of guys with the puck balanced on the end of his stick. With the goal in sight, Tyce would flip the puck into the air and bat at it like it was a baseball. The play usually shocked the hell out of the goalie, especially when the goalie found the puck buried in the back of the net.

It was like being a young kid again. Sometimes everyone forgot that hockey really was just a game and we were only kids. It was supposed to be fun, but when money and adults got involved, the combination ruined everything. My dad was a fucking pro at sucking the joy out of things.

When the outdoor lights shut down and the adults tossed our equipment out of the warming house, most of the guys packed up their gear and went home. I stayed on the ice, not ready to leave. Tyce took his helmet off and laid his stick aside. I did the same, and we skated leisurely for a while, talking about school and the upcoming run for the state championship.

“Do you want to keep playing?” I asked. “In college or juniors?”

Tyce shrugged and mumbled. “I only play now because of you.”

I wasn’t sure I heard him right. “What’s that mean?”

Tyce looked away from me and stared up at the sky. “Nothing,” he said, shoving me. “Race ya. One lap.”

“You’re on!” I shouted as I took off around the rink. We bumped and pushed each other, and on the final corner, we got too close and our skates tangled, sending us to the ice in a giant heap.

Tyce laughed as we slid into the boards. He was sprawled on top of me, and when I opened my eyes, his face was so close I could count his eyelashes. I waited for him to move, but he didn’t, instead his blue eyes sparkled and my stomach flipped upside down when he flashed me a shy smile. It felt weird, but for some reason I wanted to touch him. I shook the glove off my hand and moved a blond curl away from his eyes before I cupped his rosy, wind-bitten cheek. Tyce’s eyes fluttered closed, and he leaned into my touch. Before I knew what I was doing, I was kissing the chapped lips of my best friend.


You can also find me at:

I have an instragram account too, but I’m still figuring out what to do with it. Lame, I know, but it’s under Teeganloy.


Thanks again, Brynn, for hosting me

Xo Teegan


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  1. Thank you introducing me to a new author, I am just learning about the enjoyment of watching ice hockey as I am more familiar with field hockey and I am enjoying it 🙂 Good luck with the new version of your book Teegan )

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