Tales from the Bible Belt

So, all last year, as I struggled to refrain from doing bodily harm to my bigoted coworker, my principal assured me that he would transfer the man to another classroom this year. Guess who my aide is again this year?

I make no promises of continued restraint. He lived through one year. I offer no such guarantees for this year.

At our first official staff meeting today, the principal told the counselors (that’s what we call aides) that they should call the parents once a week, in addition to the teachers making calls once a week, in an effort to get the parents used to communicating with us in a positive way. There are several parents who have the school number blocked or just don’t answer it if it’s us on the phone.

My darling coworker, supposedly so great a Christian as to rival Christ himself, to hear the man talk, said…in the meeting, with everyone present…that he refused to associate with the ungodly, so he would call the two Christian parents, but that I would just have to make two calls a week to the ‘parents who are living in sin’. By that he means three gay couples, one unwed mother, two couples who are living together without benefit of marriage, one known adulterer, and one atheist.

My principal pretended not to hear him and went on with the meeting.

I have a feeling my next book will contain the violent death of a Baptist bigot who refuses to do his job.





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