Monday Meets: Elizabeth Noble

Today’s guest is Elizabeth North talking about her book Electric Candle

Electric Candle Final Draft 11014[1]


Common Ground

I used to hate baseball. When I was growing up it seemed everyone around me was fixated on the sport. I was horrible at playing it, I never understood the rules and when a game was on TV everything else stopped.

Then I grew up, went to college and found out there was more to sports than watching the event. There were things that went with the games, like discussions and parties, general socialization. I still didn’t like baseball, but I liked joining in on the things that went with it.

A little while later, I married a man who loved baseball of all things, and had children. Those children like their father, enjoyed baseball. I didn’t like baseball (or its cousin softball) but I was a regular attendee. Eventually I became a single mother. The entire time my kids were growing up one of the biggest challenges was to find things to do we all liked and that were affordable.

Attending baseball games (and later basketball) became our common ground. My kids played softball through school. When she was older my daughter was on a flag team for her high school band, so her brothers and I attended those sporting events as well. Many of the prizes the kids won in school were cheap baseball tickets. We live in Cleveland, Ohio. Indians tickets were cheap in the 90’s.

When my sons grew old enough to join an adult softball league I took the dogs and my daughter and I often went and watched. The half-naked, sweaty, in shape men on the softball teams had nothing to do with our interest—honest!

In one of my recent releases, Electric Candle, Jonas Forge is a 239 year old vampire who has been a vampire for a bit more than 200 of those years. He meets his soul mate, a 29 year old vampire, Blair Turner. Blair has been a vampire all of five years. While these two men may outwardly appear close in age there is actually a 210 year age span between them.

Talk about your May/December romance.

Forge and Blair begin their romance and relationship on shaky ground. The nature of their soul mate bond provides for attraction physically to one another and an emotional bond that grows into love.

It does not, however, help them like one another.

So often, in romance, we are so focused in the characters falling in love that we forget they also have to fall in like as well.

It was a challenge finding common ground for these two. They struggled to find a place for themselves as a couple. By the book’s end they’re still on shaky ground, but it’s not as shaky as when the book began. Blair has an passionate interest in history and Forge lived through quite a lot of history. While Forge is a movie fan, Blair is a graphic novel reader, but they both enjoy a good hero saga.

Forge and Blair gradually discover they each have valuable insight to offer each other. They also realize that their differences aren’t so great and they have much more in common than they first thought.

Then, of course, there is baseball.

A detail that didn’t make it into Electric Candle, but will probably show up eventually, is the fact both these guys are baseball fans. I suspect the teams they root for are going to be different and provide some interesting exchanges between them.

Go Tribe! (I’m now a confirmed Cleveland baseball fan). A big thank you to Brynn for hosting me today.



When a vampire finds his soul mate, the bond is forever. It’s love at first sight. Or is it?

Flint, Ohio Homicide Detective Jonas Forge has been a vampire for nearly two hundred years. He’s fought wars, seen life go from the simple but hard colonial days to the modern high tech world. He’s evolved with the times, adapting with each new era, blending into each new life. The one constant is his best friend and lover, Declan.

Until Forge’s soul mate tumbles, literally, into his life.

Even though they’re not fated to be together forever, Forge and Declan are perfectly happy. Despite the pheromone attracting him to his soul mate, Forge isn’t thrilled with the guy, and the feeling seems mutual. While trying to adjust to his clumsy soul mate and equally awkward feelings, Forge is on the hunt for the serial killer who’s leaving a trail of bodies, and who witnesses can’t identify. But Forge better watch out. When his work collides with his love life, things really heat up.



He took a swipe with the razor and hissed, “Damn.” The shaving cream stung where the razor had taken off a small chunk of skin.

Forge knocked on the door. “You okay?” There had been no telltale footsteps, making Blair think Forge had moved from wherever he’d been to the bathroom at warp speed.

“Ye—yeah. I just sort of nicked myself. I had enough trouble shaving when I could see myself in a mirror. It’s twice as bad trying to shave without seeing what I’m doing.”

“Want some pointers? I learned to shave before I had a mirror.”

“Sure,” Blair said without thinking. He started when the bathroom door opened and Forge stepped in.

Taking the razor, Forge rinsed it off, sprayed more cream from the can, and stepped behind Blair. “See, the trick is, don’t try so hard. Your skin hasn’t changed.” He reached around and lathered more shaving cream onto Blair’s face and neck.

Blair sucked in a breath and let his head tip back, resting on Forge’s shoulder.

“All your parts are still where they were before you changed.” Forge’s breath was warm in Blair’s ear. All Blair could do was offer a jerky nod. Forge pressed the razor lightly to Blair’s neck and glided it up, repeating the movement a few times before stopping. Blair wanted to beg him to continue, but his voice wouldn’t work.

Forge leaned around Blair and rinsed the razor. Blair felt Forge’s thighs, as muscular and powerful as he’d imagined, press to the back of his. A shudder ran through Blair, and Forge’s body responded with one just as forceful. How the man ignored it, Blair had no clue.

“It’s like mowing a lawn.” A tremor ran through Forge’s voice. He took a few more swipes up Blair’s neck, these skimming over his chin. “Overlap your strokes.”

“I’m getting your shirt all wet.” Blair winced inwardly as the stupid words left his mouth.

A low rumble vibrated through Forge’s chest and against Blair’s back. “Easily fixed,” Forge murmured. He set the razor down, took a step back, and pulled his shirt over his head. When Blair turned to watch, he saw that at some time after Blair entered the bathroom, Forge had changed to faded jeans and was barefoot.

Forge tossed the shirt to the side, making the muscles of his wide chest stretch and flex. Pale skin had a fine dusting of curly hair so dark it was almost black across his pecs and swirled around dark pink nipples. A thin line of dark hair ran down to his navel and created a small eddy on its path around, then continued from his navel to disappear under low-slung jeans. His abs creased along his midline, then formed a web of lines between the muscles to outline Forge’s ribs.

Leaning around Blair again, smiling as he did so, Forge picked up a washcloth, thoroughly wetting it. Repositioning himself behind Blair, Forge used two fingers to gently tip Blair’s chin up and began wiping away the remaining shaving cream.

“Now, was that so hard?” Forge asked. His voice was in Blair’s ear again.

“Oh, yeah, it is.” Blair’s voice was small and tight. He was very aware of Forge’s hard cock pressed against his ass and rubbing the soft material of the shorts Blair wore. A low growl escaped Forge, and something in the mirror flickered.



Thanks so much for coming by today Elizabeth. I can’t wait to read Electric Candle



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