The Friday that Wasn’t

I now have new respect for all those people who don’t work a Monday through Friday workweek. All those times that the rest of us say we’re excited for Friday, or ask them what they’re going to do on their weekend, or generally just reference Friday as a turning point of sorts…and they don’t shoot any of us. At least I don’t think any of them ever have . Now, I’m not usually overly annoying about it being Friday (I don’t think) but I’m ‘guilty’ of the occasional TGIF. I usually work Monday through Friday and am really glad to see Friday get here. I don’t really think overly much about what it would feel like if it didn’t make any difference if it was Friday.

I am getting my taste of that today.

We’ve decided to make up the gosh awful number of snow days by having school on Saturday. Tomorrow is the first Saturday for that so I have to work…on a SATURDAY! Everyone (even the people at school who also have to work tomorrow) was going around like normal. “Yea, it’s Friday!”, “I’m SOOOO glad it’s Friday!” and just your basic “TGIF”. But it doesn’t MATTER that it’s Friday! We have to WORK tomorrow! It didn’t keep people from exclaiming about it though.

What do you think? Is Friday inherently ‘good’ just because it’s Friday, regardless of whether or not you work on Saturday? Have you even had to work on Saturday? Was Friday just as welcomed as usual for you when it wasn’t the last workday?

Chime in…let me know.



  1. I’ve had a lot of really erratic work schedules over the years, including being self-employed with no set days off at all. It never really bothered me that other people get off on Friday … actually I kind of enjoyed having a schedule that was a little different from most people’s, because it often made it easier to do things during the week (like, if my day off was Tuesday, then I could do appointments and so forth on that day during business hours). Similarly, I used to kind of enjoy coming into the office on weekends because there was no one around and I could get a lot of work done.

    However, I’ve been taking classes at the university this winter, which has put me back on a regular schedule after a couple years of self-employment, and I’ve definitely found that it’s nice to have a set day of the week to look forward to as the “end” of the week! (Well, not really, because I still have freelance work, but it’s a good excuse to have a glass of wine and relax!)

    I think the hardest thing would be getting used to having a particular day off and then not getting it. If you expect a six-day work week, it’s not so bad, but if that extra Saturday jumps on you out of nowhere, it’s terribly frustrating …

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