Monday Meet: Antonio

My guest today is Antonio, who is speaking about self-publishing.



Finding My Way Through Self Publishing

First, a little background information; I’m an author with the pseudonym Antonio.  My first two novels were published by Dreamspinner Press.  The first novel was Dueling Divas and the second Dead Men Tell Tales.  While I have no complaints about my experiences with Dreamspinner I was curious about self publishing, so with the help of writer Etienne, I self published my third novel.

My Dreamspinner novels available here:

The first thing to do when striking out on your own is to find a place to self publish, and I can highly recommend Smashwords, as the process was an easy one.  Something that might not be easy for everyone is doing a book cover which is a necessity.  There are several on-line artists who can do a cover for you at a price, but they can also be busy.  Luckily I am an artist and was able to draw the cover myself.  After doing the drawing I photographed it and used Photoshop to fix the colors so they looked like I wanted them to look.  The blue color was a special shimmery acrylic paint I found at Joann’s.  It was expensive, but worth it and I was able to bring out even more of the shimmering effect on Photoshop.  At some point I want to be able to do the covers using clip art and the computer a lot more rather than do a drawn cover (drawn covers don’t sell as well).

One of the most important steps is formatting the story, but Smashwords gives you exact instructions to follow.  Smashwords has their own proprietary software that takes your file and formats it into many different e-book formats.  It was then available for people to buy on-line in e-book versions to match their specific devices.  Once formatted the story will go to several of the usual retail channels except Barnes and Noble and Apple iBooks.  Before sending the novel to the last two retailers, it requires inspection by human beings.

Link to my Smashwords novel Blue Light by Night, A Layton Shayne Mystery.

Coupon code for 25% off-  PL47Q  expires 3-31-14

Blurb from Blue Light by Night

Detective, and ex-military man, Layton Shayne’s newest case has taken him from his home out west into the dark and ominous swamplands of Louisiana. His client Leticia Carter has only told him that the case is simple and involves three siblings with the last name of Kennedy.  Layton’s job is to discover who should inherit the old family estate located in Shelby, a town so small it doesn’t even show up on most maps.  Immediately after he entered Shelby, the detective met some colorful and mysterious characters.  It wasn’t long before he discovered that there was an ancient supernatural element which held the citizens of the town in fear.

Soon after meeting the Kennedy sisters and their handsome brother Alex, Layton noticed that the old southern veneer of the town was thin and disintegrating by the minute.  He’d need to depend on his military training to learn not just who to trust, but in order to survive.  Somehow in the middle of all this, love comes to the lovelorn detective from more than one direction.  Layton knows that work comes first and the case he is there to solve, which sounded so simple, is anything but that.  If Layton manages to survive night treks through the swamp, an impromptu trip to New Orleans, some wise-cracking kids, and the lusty inhabitants of Shelby, he still has to come up against supernatural forces and mysterious blue light orbs with the power to kill.

No matter what the outcome, Layton Shayne’s life will never be the same.

Blue Light Large Final Cover


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