Gluten Free

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So, my daughter and I are planning to go gluten free starting March 1st. We’ve been told by doctors and lay people alike that it’s a healthier choice and may help with a few problems we’re having. More and more people are going this route, I’m hearing, and that’s great…but that means there’s sort of a glut of recipes to make, and food to buy.

I tried this once before but it didn’t last long…partially because the rest of the family didn’t take that leap with me, but mostly because I couldn’t find anything really decent to eat.

Are any of you gluten free? (or know of someone who is) and maybe have some recipes (that are quick to fix) or favorite gluten free products that you use? If I have a few places to start, maybe it’ll be easier this time.



  1. I’m vegan and in the process of also going GF. The transition to either one can be daunting, especially when most cookbooks assume you’re a gourmet chef. My suggestion is to research cookbooks and websites geared toward college students. They’re a great source of inexpensive and easy ideas. Once you master that you can slowly work up to more complicated recipes. GF tends to work better if you use the prepackaged products sparingly and do most of the cooking/baking yourself. GF doesn’t always mean it’s healthier if the sugar, salt and preservative contents are high. Good luck!

  2. There are plenty of websites and cookbooks out there. My friends with celiac have shared some recipes, most of which I can’t use. GF and diabetes are a very poor mix (most of the stuff they substitute are huge diabetic no-nos like potato and rice flours). If you are really having issues like Celiac I would definitely peruse the websites since gluten is in so many things beyond bread.

    Udis is a well known GF brand but like most pre-made food the salt and preservative contents are usually high. It would be better to cook your own meals.

    As a diabetic on a restrictive diet I can tell you this any trendy or health-conscious diet comes with a cost of about 2-4 times what the regular brands are. My food bills are what most people pay for two people and there’s just me.

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