Monday Meet: Rob Colton

Today my guest is Rob Colton, author of An American Lamb in Europe.


Thanks for having me today, Brynn!

I’m Rob Colton and I’m here to talk about my newest release, An American Lamb in Europe. The book was released Wednesday, February 12th , and is available from Dreamspinner Press and all your favorite online book stores.

Today Tomas tells us about when he met Jamie.

Hallo. Tomas Bernhardt here. I’m here to talk about Jamie Anderson, my lämmchen.

When I first met Jamie, he was face down on the pavement, a trio of thugs pawing at his wallet and backpack. I ran them off, and planted a suggestion that he return home. Imagine my surprise when he turned up again!

Once again, I came to his rescue outside the nightclub where vampires meet up with blood donors. Lambs we call them. Now I was intrigued. Not only was Jamie cute, but he was immune to a vampire’s trance. It’s a rare trait among humans, and I found myself wanting to get to know the sexy little man even more. What can I say, he makes me laugh.

As much as I wanted to help Jamie find his little brother, it was difficult without telling him who I was… about the underground paranormal world his brother Rudy had stumbled into. Stubborn and insistent as he was, I couldn’t keep the truth from him.

While we continued our search, the two of us became very close. Not only was Jamie cute and funny, but he was honest and forthright. He liked me for the man he saw, not for my position or what I could do for him.

Unfortunately, my lämmchen gets caught up in the middle of a war between two rival covens.

But if they think I’m going to stand by and do nothing… They are about to find out who Tomas Bernhardt really is.



Jamie Anderson knows you need to look before you leap, but he forgets it often enough to land in trouble. When his brother and only remaining family member disappears, he doesn’t think twice about quitting his job as a dental hygienist to travel to the Czech Republic to search for him.

Rescued by the sexy, mysterious Tomas in a small city near the German border, Jamie enlists his help in locating Rudy. Soon Jamie realizes the man knows more than he’s sharing. When Jamie demands Tomas tell him the truth, Tomas reveals he’s a vampire. Horrified the man he’s fantasized about is a monster, Jamie struggles with the fact he still needs Tomas’s help to find Rudy.

Jamie never expects their search will land him in the middle of a vampire turf war.


When my cell phone started to ring, I nearly jumped out of my skin. I had been sitting in the wooden chair by the window, in a daze. I pushed my half-eaten dinner aside and picked up my phone, looking down at the screen.

Tomas Bernhardt.

Okay, this was it. The call I had been waiting all day for. I took a deep breath and slid my thumb across the glass, activating the call. “Hello?”

“Hello, Jamie. I am downstairs.”

Damn, his voice was sexy, and the way my name rolled off his tongue…. After shaking my head to clear it of lustful thoughts, I managed to answer him. “I’ll be right down.”

I hung up the phone, grabbed my coat, and hurried down the stairs to the lobby. Not seeing him inside, I stepped out the door and saw him leaning against the pole of a streetlamp. He was dressed much the same as before, in his leather bomber jacket with tight jeans and combat boots.

He watched me with a cocky half-smile on his face. Yes, he scared the shit out of me, but there was just something about him that made me… want. He was so freaking hot, and it had been a really long time since I had last gotten laid. As I looked him over, I could just tell that he’d be good in bed. He would definitely know what he was doing.

My dick responded predictably, and I shoved my hands into my front pants pockets to prevent embarrassment.

“Hi,” I said, hoping I didn’t sound like a nervous Nellie.

He pushed off the lamppost and stepped up to me, strutting confidently in a way I could never pull off. “You okay?”

“I’m fine,” I said with a shrug. “I haven’t been sleeping well since Rudy disappeared, so….”


“So did you find out anything about Rudy?” I asked, wanting to get the conversation back on track.

His eyes looked around before settling back on mine. “Not here.”

“Oh. Do you want to come upstairs to my room?”

He smiled as if he was pleased, and my eyes widened at the realization of my offer. What the hell is wrong with me? I had just invited a perfect stranger up to my hotel room. No matter that he was totally hot; I really needed to get myself together. I wasn’t there to get laid; I was there to find my brother.

I ignored the little whisper in the back of my mind that said Why not kill two birds with one stone?

Author Bio:

Rob Colton is a software developer by day, and avid reader of romance novels at night. A romantic at heart, he loves stories that feature big, burly men who find true love and happy endings.

Rob grew up in northern Michigan and currently lives in the Atlanta area with his very supportive husband and their very spoiled miniature schnauzer.

Visit Rob online:

Purchase Links:


Thanks so much for dropping by Rob. I’m headed off right now to add your book to my ‘must read’ list.



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