Anne Rice Shuts Down Christian Homophobia On Facebook

Anne Rice Shuts Down Christian Homophobia On Facebook

     Jonathan Higbee | February 17, 2014

Anne Rice is over it, you guys.

After the celebrated horror author praised Ellen Page for coming out of the closet on her Facebook fan page, a slew of homophobic commenters chimed in with disgust because THE BIBLE. 

Anne, mother of openly gay author Christopher Rice, decided to shut it all down. 

Our post commending actress Ellen Page for her courage in coming out as gay attracted a lot of hostility and hate and hate speech — as well as positive and substantive comments. I have banned many from the page today. I will no longer tolerate hate speech in the guise of Christian belief with the usual irresponsible pick and choose bible quotes and talk of “sin” and hellfire. I have had enough of it, and I think the world has had enough of it too. Again, I commend Ellen Page for her bravery in coming out. I hope more celebrities and public figures will be inspired to do so. Anyone who thinks this does not matter is deceiving himself or herself. It matters very much. Gay people in all walks of life suffer from bigotry, bias, superstition, and ignorance. Hats off to Ellen Page! (And please do NOT come here to tell us publicly that you “don’t care.” If you don’t care, don’t expect us to care that you don’t care!).

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And she didn’t stop there!

When homophobic Christianists even started spewing hate on this post, Anne didn’t back down. 

“I love the way you see people who don’t like or agree with that lifestyle are always ‘haters,'” wrote one user [sic]. “By that definition what do you think you are when you don’t like what Christians believe. Total hypocrisey. Ms Rice I think you also are dabbling in some self deception.”

“In my experience many Christians are extremely aggressive towards those they despise and seek to control and change,” Anne replied. “They spend millions in America trying to interfere with a woman’s right to choose and a gay person’s civil rights. They are vocal and “in your face” with their hate of gays and other strong religious biases. If they would respect the rights and dignity of those who do not share their belief system, it would be better for everyone. But sadly, they don’t. And when they bring hate speech to this page, I will delete and ban them.”

“And the exact same thing can be said about gay activists,” the user wrote [sic]. “I guess I’m just not convincesd that that what the choose to do in the bedroom translates into ‘rights.’ By the way how does Islam view gays?”

Anne responded triumphantly:

I don’t think the aggression and hostility of Christians towards those they condemn can be compared in any way to gay rights activists. Gay rights activists don’t spend millions trying to persecute and demonize others or oppress them in terms of civil rights. I hope you do some research on this topic. We have a serious problem in this country with aggressive Christians violating our separation of church and state, and campaigning to oppress women and gays, and sometimes children.

I think we are in a time in America when we must demand that all people claiming to be Christian take full moral responsibility for their belief system and the harm it has done historically and the harm it continues to do in our country. I see no reason to give Christians a pass on any of this.

That shut this particular homophobe up, but many others debated the Christian Fundamentalist War on Gays with Anne, and all of it is worth popping some popcorn and cuddling up with a tablet or laptop to spend your night reading. Check it out here.

What do you think of Anne’s job handling the situation?



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