Trying something new for sign ups for Monday Meets

Thanks to Tempeste O’Riley, I was able to create a chart with a listing of the people I already have signed up for Monday Meets, as well as the rest of the available dates.  Using the link below, please feel free to sign up for any date you’d like to come by.  The blog doesn’t have to be about a new book.  I’d love to hear about how you get your ideas, or about a special subject you love to write about (or read about).  And it doesn’t even need to be about writing at all.  I’d love to hear about a special talent you have, or something new you recently tried and what you thought about it (I. e.: I just tried my hand at paper cutting, and I loved it. I could easily write something about that, etc), a place you especially like to vacation.  Anything really.

Anyway, here’s the link:


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