Fun Friday Facts

What is one thing you find technically difficult about writing.  (Mine would be spelling…thank God for spell checks). 



  1. For me, getting description in is very difficult (stems back to a really harsh critique group before I realized what was good critique and what was toxic). I usually have to struggle through it on the second draft.

  2. Well, I know at least one editor who would agree that comma rules are difficult for me! *lol*
    I wish I could check a box and Word would show me everywhere I’m violating CMOS.

    Spellcheckers are a mixed-blessing IMO–I was a much better speller before I relied on them! 🙂

  3. I’m with Charley. The comma rules I learned in school must be wrong. Sometimes I also have a hard time with tenses, but that’s mainly when I’m trying to write multiple stories at the same time. My brain gets confused.
    As for spelling, I’m not too bad. I very rarely use spell-check and it’s main job is highlighting typos. I wish I could turn it off, especially considering how annoying the grammar check is.

  4. Beginnings! I think beginnings are what I’m worst at. Not the actual process of getting started on a project, but writing a beginning that is engaging and gives the reader all the information they need without either dragging or moving too quickly. I really admire writers who can do it gracefully, because it’s SO hard for me!

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  6. Commas make me go swirly eyed but I have someone who does my beta reading who understands them much better and helps me out. I think what i find the hardest out of anything id description. I’m fine with lots of things when it comes with writing but I find it hard to do physical descriptions of things a lot of the time.

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