Fun Friday (Saturday?) Facts

No takers last week.

This week’s question:

If you had the opportunity to change places for twenty four hours with one person, living or dead (and obviously be in the time frame of the person in the case of now deceased persons), who would you be and why?  Would you want to replace them for a specific twenty four hours? Or just in general?  Would you want to do something differently, or not do something they did? Would you want to enjoy the celebrity of the person, or would you protect them from that celebrity at a specific time?

I look forward to your comments.



  1. Neil Armstrong. I just need to be him briefly because I can not tell you how much it would mean to me to touch the moon. Heck I got misty eyes standing on a fake moon between 2 astronauts at Madame Toussand’s in Vegas this year. And if not Neil, then Gene Roddenberry if only for a day to let his genius soak in.

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