Fun Friday Facts

Describe your environment when you’re on a roll with your writing.

Ex:  I curl up in my recliner with a bag of Cheeto’s nearby and music playing in my headphones….just me and my laptop.



  1. My husband and I don’t have kids and live out in the country in a one-bedroom house with a large open loft as the second floor. We informally divided the loft in half — my hobbies on the left, his on the right — and I’ve turned “my” side into a writing zone and art studio. When I’m writing, I make a mug of strong unsweetened tea and settle in at my desk with my laptop. Sometimes I listen to music, but usually I like to shut off all distractions, even turning off the Internet. I’m a person who is easily distracted and doesn’t multitask well, so I like to just focus in and write. And I go through lots and lots of tea! (Current favorite: Irish Breakfast, brewed VERY STRONG.)

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