Starting a new feature on Mondays

Starting this coming Monday (August 19th) I’ll be hosting one author a week.  There will either be an interview, or they will share insights with us. Charley Descoteaux has agreed to be my first victim guest.  Stop by on Monday and hear what Charley has to say.

Below is my list of upcoming guests.  If you’d like to be a guest, please comment below and I’ll put you in the lineup. I have slots in November and December left.

August 19 =  Charley Descoteaux

August 26 = Posy Roberts

September 2 = JP Barnaby

September 9 = Jacob Flores

September 16 = Nicole Forcine

September 23 = Lane Hayes

September 30 = Andrew Gordon

October 7 =Garrett Leigh

October 14= Joanne Cook

October 21 = Jessica Davies

October 28=  Layla Lawlor

November 4 = Sophie Bonaste

November 11 = B Snow

November 18 =

November 25 =

December 2 =

December 9 =

December 16 =

December 23 =


1 Comment

  1. Hi Brynn- I’ll sign up to be a victim…I mean guest! I’m also a newbie and I’m going to feature my first guinea pig this Monday. I’m clueless with a capital C when it comes to all the promo stuff. My book “Better Than Good” came out July 8th, and I’ve basically done everything on instinct alone. I would love to host you as well. Let me know what works for you. I don’t have anything set yet, but I’ll probably also do a once a week, so if you’re interested in anything after next week, let me know. (Sept 23 works :-)) Thanks, Lane

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