Friday Freewrite – Aug. 2

Layla M. Wier

It’s Friday – time for a new prompt!

This past week, we had one fill for the prompt Hospitals:

Search by me

She found him resting in one of the West Temple’s older halls, its high narrow windows reflecting the northern climate’s harsh winters […] The sun was setting and the long arcade was bathed in blood-colored light.

And a new fill for the prompt Bad sci-fi/horror movies from two weeks ago:

Artistry by slhuang

I didn’t know why I thought it would be a good idea to invite him over for the television premiere of ArachnoDroid. Julian was an artistic snob, and he’d never pretended otherwise.

And now this week’s prompt: Jewelry

A wedding ring, a birthday gift, a family heirloom; making jewelry by hand; pawning a beloved keepsake to pay the rent; continuing a cultural tradition; a spy’s ring with poison hidden inside … what can…

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