Friday Freewrite deferred to next week

Layla’s Challenge postponed for this week. Back at it’s regularly scheduled time next week.

Layla M. Wier

Sorry guys — I’ve had health issues this week, plus extra work & family visiting, and I spaced on doing a new Friday Freewrite prompt! I’ll have one next week, for sure. In the meantime, Brynn Stein has her Week 3 prompt up. I wrote a flashfic for her last week’s prompt: Kitty Cornered.

This past week’s prompt, “Bad sci-fi/horror movies“, produced two fills:

Revealed by kimswritingagain
He stood aside as four big, strong extras lumbered past him to fill five empty makeup chairs. Because of the giant lizard tail he was sporting, the last guy got stuck in the door, and Olly rushed forward to help him wriggle free.

Untitled by andreaspeed
Christmas on a full moon should be extra special. Except, with the light of the moon comes … changes …

Stay tuned for a new prompt next Friday …

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